Award-Winning High Resolution Spectral Imaging Camera

HinaLea’s Model 4100H is an award-winning hyperspectral imaging camera with a built-in illumination source. It is recognized as the world’s first high-resolution, handheld, autonomous hyperspectral camera and that was awarded the SPIE Best Camera and Imager Prism Award in 2017. The Model 4100H is compact, lightweight and designed for field and factory use. It captures a high-resolution snap-shot image of an object, with spectra at each pixel for the visible (400 – 1000 nm) wavelength range in up to 550 bands. It features a color touch screen interface, battery operation and embedded object identification. It is ideal for medical imaging, precision agriculture, industrial machine vision and food and other quality inspection applications.

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HinaLea Model 4100


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