Intelligent Imaging Solutions

Traditional hyperspectral imaging solutions are difficult to use and provide data that is hard to interpret and often non-actionable.

At Hinalea, we take a different approach. We offer systems that are intelligent, intuitive and autonomous.

Problem-solving is at the core of everything we do, and our fully integrated solutions are designed to address specific industry challenges.

The HinaLea Difference

The broad adoption of Hyperspectral Imaging has been slowed by two key challenges – the high price of imagers and the overwhelming complexity of using the technology.

Hinalea develops both hardware and software to provide holistic, customized systems to address specific market problems. In doing so, we offer our customers two underlying areas of value:

  • Intelligence: Hinalea’s solutions are intuitive with little background domain expertise required by users. Our proprietary software allows image classification and processing to provide clear, measurable and actionable output to defined questions
  • Economy: Hinalea’s mechanical and optical innovations bring affordability to hyperspectral imaging while delivering incomparably high spectral and spatial image quality
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Model 4100H
Winner of SPIE 2017 Prism Awards

Custom and OEM Solutions

Hinalea develops custom and complete hyperspectral imaging solutions on behalf of its partners, to address problems across a variety of industries. These include:

  • Medical Screening: Detection and classification of a range of medical conditions, in particular dermatological and ophthalmic
  • Precision Agriculture: Detection of crop viability, exposure to harmful contaminants and pathogenic disease as well health vegetation coverage and hydration mapping
  • Quality Assurance: Detection of production and processing anomalies across a variety of food and consumer good applications
  • Mineralogy and Metallurgy: Identification and mapping of minerals and constituents
  • Anti-Counterfeiting: The instant authentication of a variety of consumer and industrial products as well document verification

Versatile Tools for Academic and Industry Research

Hinalea offers a range of highly configurable instruments for research and development and industrial testing applications:

  • Model 4100H– Handheld with an onboard color touch screen interface and battery operated with Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, the 4100H is an easy to use tool for contact imaging. With single-handed operation and a portable design, it is the ideal instrument for use in the field or factory floor as well as the laboratory
  • Model 4200 – HinaLea Imaging’s proven solution for non-contact stand-off OEM and research applications. With a standard 19° field of view and a working distance from 250 mm to 1 m it is easily adaptable to industrial line inspection, laboratory and agricultural field measurements. HinaLea also offers development of advanced classification tools in order to render immediately actionable information from the images.
  • Model 4200M – The 4200M Microscope System is a peripheral device that brings HinaLea Imaging hyperspectral imaging functionality to microscopes. This system enables observation and spectral analysis of nanoscale samples in a variety of biological and materials-based environments. Available with an optional microscope included, HinaLea also offers development of advanced classification tools in order to facilitate interpretation of transmission and fluorescent specimens.
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