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HinaLea Imaging Participates in the International Association of Spectral Imaging Conference

EMERYVILLE, CALIFORNIA ─ June 13, 2018 — HinaLea Imaging, a leading international solutions provider of hyperspectral imaging technology, announced that the Company will participate in the International Association of Spectral Imaging (IASIM) 2018 Conference, June 17-20 held at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle, Washington.

The biannual IASIM conference will gather speakers, contributors, attendees and exhibitors from areas covering all aspects of spectral imaging (microscopic, macroscopic, remote sensing) and a large variety of spectroscopic techniques. It will include three days of scientific sessions, with oral and poster presentations on spectral imaging research and applications.

HinaLea Imaging will exhibit and demonstrate the easy-to-use, handheld Model 4100H, a high-precision camera with a built-in illumination source that captures high-resolution snap-shot images, yielding a spectrum at each pixel for the visible through near-IR (400 – 1000 nm) wavelength range in up to 550 bands. The portable Model 4100H can be used for nearly any application and features a fully programmable wavelength selection with fast data capture and no trade-off between spatial and spectral resolution.

In addition, HinaLea Imaging will give a brief presentation on its products and services; and share with the industry the development of their miniature Fabry-Pérot interferometer (FPI) based hyperspectral imaging technology in a poster presentation titled, “Development of a Hand-Held High Resolution Hyperspectral Imaging Camera”. This technology, which was originally developed to read the company’s optically-encoded particles, has been adapted to create the first high performance front staring true hyperspectral imaging camera in a handheld, self-contained, ultra-compact form factor.

“We are proud to be a part of IASIM 2018 Conference,” said Alexandre Fong, Director of Hyperspectral Imaging for HinaLea Imaging. “We’re looking forward to meeting with our colleagues in this exciting technological growth area and discussing how we can expand the range of potential applications for high-performance hyperspectral imaging.”

About HinaLea Imaging

HinaLea Imaging, a division of TruTag Technologies, Inc., is a technology solutions provider that develops complete hyperspectral imaging solutions both directly and on behalf of strategic partners to address specific problems across a variety of industries, including medical diagnostics, precision agriculture and the quality assurance of food and consumer goods. As part of its solution offering, HinaLea developed the world’s first high-resolution, handheld autonomous hyperspectral camera, which was awarded the SPIE Best Camera and Imager Prism Award in 2017. Learn more at

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