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Hinalea Introduces Extended SWIR Camera

June 26, 2023 (Emeryville, CA) – Hinalea Imaging has added a new hyperspectral camera to its award-winning family. The Model 4455 is an Extended SWIR camera that covers the 1200-2100 nm spectral range, making it useful for the detection and classification of chemicals and other materials that remain unseen with near-infrared (NIR) or typical shortwave-infrared (SWIR) systems. The Model 4455 is designed to image 225 spectral bands at a resolution of approximately 15 nm (FWHM).

The Model 4455 joins the growing Hinalea lineup, which now includes cameras from UV to XSWIR. “At, Hinalea, we see things differently,” said CTO Alexandre Fong. “Our cameras use proprietary Fabry-Perot technology that can capture a complete high-resolution datacube across the Extended SWIR spectral range in seconds, and without the unwanted image uniformity challenges seen with other technologies.” Cameras can be programmed to scan a subset of bands between 1200 and 2100 nm. The ability to dynamically control the sensor based on the application and object to be imaged optimizes data capture and data-processing efficiency.

The Model 4455 XSWIR camera can be ordered now for shipments commencing later in 2023. A data sheet for this product can be downloaded here.