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Hinalea Launches 4200C VNIR Hyperspectral Camera

Hinalea Imaging, a leading provider of intelligent hyperspectral imaging solutions, announced today the launch of its new VNIR Model 4200C Hyperspectral Camera. Building on its award winning of portfolio hyperspectral imaging solutions, the 4200C offers portability and application flexibility without compromising on spectral and spatial performance.  The 4200C is ideal for a wide range of applications, from food quality and safety to industrial inspections. With 300 spectral bands spanning the VNIR range, and a spectral resolution of 4 nm (FWHM), users can identify specific components and materials. “From the very beginning Hinalea’s objective has been to make hyperspectral imaging the new standard in inspection technologies by significantly reducing the cost of our platforms and making them easier to use,” said Hinalea’s VP of Engineering, Alexandre Fong. “We do that by leveraging our innovative core hardware development and incorporating advanced and customized machine learning tools into intuitive user interfaces in order to address even the most complex and challenging applications,” continued Fong. “The 4200C represents an important milestone because we’ve taken our extensive experience in spectral imaging technologies to develop a powerful camera that is small and light enough for just about any application while meeting a price level that is unmatched in the industry.”