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Hinalea Releases New SWIR Camera

Hinalea Imaging is delighted to announce the launch of its Model 4450 shortwave-infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral camera. The Model 4450 is the next generation in its series of award-winning intelligent imaging solutions. The SWIR range from 1000-1700 nm is of particular importance for chemical species identification and other applications where spectral signatures are not detectable by human vision.

The Model 4450 combines high spectral and spatial performance and affordability in a compact size. “Most currently available hyperspectral cameras in the SWIR range tend to be costly, large, and have significant power requirements,” said Alex Fong, Hinalea’s CTO. “Our technology lends itself to compact and economical solutions.”  Hinalea’s proprietary FPI technology also enables unprecedentedly fast data acquisition when benchmarked against other hyperspectral designs including real-time rendering and classification.

The Model 4450 comes with an integrated 100 mm focal length motorized lens with a field-of-view (FOV) from 31 to 35 degrees. Other lens options are also available upon request.

The 4450 is available for pre-order now; a datasheet can be downloaded here.